05 November 2010

To the White House: What Democrats Must Stand For

I wrote to the White House again today (lost the actual text, but here's the gist).

Please don't misinterpret the election results. The election was an expression of anger and frustration, not an ideological commitment. Polls show that the electorate doesn't trust the Republicans or believe they will improve things. Fundamentally, what people want and expect from government has not changed. What saved Democrats who survived this backlash was commitment to CORE DEMOCRATIC principles:
  1. Protect Social Security and Medicare ... don't try to balance the budget on the backs of low-income seniors
  2. Protect and Expand American Jobs... no free trade agreements without job protections
  3. Fight for Main Street, not Wall Street and Big Banks. Help small business and help people stay in their homes. 
  4. Rebuild America ... through infrastructure investment. 
Although not an issue, I would add:
  • End the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as soon as possible; the American people are tired of fighting proxy wars.
The president needs to clearly articulate these principles every time he speaks, and make clear that the Democrats in Congress and the White House will not back down, and will not compromise on these core issues.

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