22 November 2010

Please read Krugman today.... Do you get it yet, Mr. Obama?

Please, please read Krugman today: There will be Blood.

I sure hope the president gets the message.

1. Alan Simpson is a cutthroat oligarch, not a "reasonable Republican." (That species is extinct). He has actually declared he can't wait to blackmail the Obama administration when it comes time to raise the debt limit in Spring. (How someone like this, who has pretty much openly admitted his outright enmity to the interests of ordinary working people in this country, was appointed to a Presidential commission, I just don't understand).

2. There is no bipartisanship. None. Zero. And no prospect for any. As Krugman says, "that was another country." (He could have said "another time.") Forget it. They have declared total war on Democrats and any possibility of civilized governance.

Do you get it yet, Mr. Obama? We have to fight them with everything we have... and that means calling their bluff, and figuring out how to frame the message so that the people start to understand that it is they, not we, who are preventing economic recovery and deliberately harming the interests of our nation.

Unpatriotic plutocrats that they are.

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