11 November 2010

Why do Republicans hate America?

I am more and more alarmed by the unpatriotic slash and burn attitude of the Know Nothing Party. They will undermine America's security, by opposing the START Treaty and attempting to foil the administration's attempts to repair relations with other countries and foster peace in Palestine. They will try to undermine America's economic recovery by refusing to make needed infrastructure investments and by preventing any further fiscal stimulus or financial regulation. They will try to undermine Americans' retirement security by trying to reduce the deficit on the backs of Seniors by cutting social security and medicare when it was the Wall Street Debacle, two tragically unnecessary and counterproductive wars and $1½ trillion for dubious "homeland security" measures post 9/11... which combined are the actual cause of most of the existing debt. They will attempt to undermine American education and research by fostering deliberate ignorance, withholding funding for public education, and destroying American scientific preeminence. They will make destroying all the foreign policy and domestic policy initiatives of this administration their main goal, irrespective of whether these policies are good for the country.... the list goes on and on. 

You just have to ask, Why do Republicans hate America? 

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