19 November 2010

Credit where it's due

How come the president gets no credit in the media for being dead right on the auto industry rescue?

And how come hardly anyone knows that the Stimulus gave almost all Americans a tax cut? 

And why is it that the Right Wing echo chamber has managed to convince most Americans that the health care reform law will cost billions, when in fact a bipartisan congressional analysis stated that it will save hundreds of billions of dollars?

And why do most Americans think TARP...the bank bailout... was Obama's idea, when in fact it happened under Bush, and was modified (albeit not enough) to make it more equitable under Obama?

And why do most Americans think the economy has gotten worse under Obama, when most honest economists admit that the stimulus and fiscal policies under this administration prevented a second Great Depression and the economy has grown every month this year (albeit not too strongly)?

I have my criticisms, but I just gotta ask, why can the Right Wing echo machine get away with lying about everything and making stuff up all the time?

Unfortunately, a lot of the answer is that we Democrats, and the White House in particular, have not done a good job at framing the message, using media, and getting the message out there. 

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