25 January 2011

Bradley Manning: Charge him and try him, or free him

Look, this is America, and we're supposed to be respectful of the constitutional rights of the accused. Reports that, despite outsize resources thrown at the investigation, the Feds can't link Bradley Manning to Julian Assange, and that, in fact, other than the very dubious allegations of a known snitch, they have no proof that Manning even did anything criminal, are damning of the way he's being treated. Manning is being held without trial or charge at Quantico in what amounts to torture: isolation, no reading, near sensory deprivation, interrupted sleep, no exercise, degrading conditions, and harassment and deprivation of visitors, including Jane Hamsher.

Bradley Manning has the same right to a speedy trial as any other American. So, charge him or set him free. The president should intervene if this isn't corrected very soon.

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