21 January 2011

Republicans Barking Up Tree on HC Reform?

I can't prove this, by citing to chapter and verse, but I have a definite feeling that the Republicans have completely missed a major shift in public attitudes towards the HC reform law. Most people recognize that the law has serious flaws... after all, it does... but they've heard enough and know enough about how bad the status quo is, that they've arrived at the realization that what we got is better than letting these Insurance Friendlies get their way. For example, when crass panderers like McConnell and the odious Michelle Bachman, with her "market-based solutions," suggest repeal and replace with Illness-Profiteering-Industry-written garbage in place of the current law's popular (eventually-to-be-implemented) ban on pre-existing condition exclusions, I think most folks are smart enough that their bullshit detectors go off.

So, I think Reid and Co. are right to force some votes on particular aspects of the law, to highlight just how pro-Industry and anti-people the Republican positions are; meanwhile illustrating just how disingenuous Republican claims to care anything about jobs really is, because all they seem to care about is having a bunch of futile votes on repealing a law that is gradually becoming more popular.

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