06 January 2011

Please Download and/or Listen to Background Briefing/Daily Briefing (Ian Masters, KPFK, Los Angeles)

Simply the best public affairs radio program in America. Clicking on the post title above will take you to KPFK.org's Audio Archives. To locate the program, look for 11:00 AM Sunday, 5:00 PM Mon-Thu. Right click on the link and select "Save Link" from menu to download a mp3 file, or simply click on the link to listen to the program on your computer now. (Mac or other versions of Windows may work slightly differently, but it should be pretty obvious).

The free programs are paid for by KPFK's listener-sponsors (like me). If you find this program engaging and worthwhile, as I do, you may want to consider supporting the station, which, like all Pacifica stations, is in constant financial need.

Background Briefing (only) is now being rebroadcast at 10 AM on Tuesday on WBAI (New York); wbai.org. Why the other Pacifica stations haven't picked up this excellent programming is beyond me, but that's Pacifica for you. Like many on the activist left, they seem to take iconoclasm to an extreme, even to the point of harming their own interests through factionalism and lack of unity.

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