05 January 2011

Weak GOP Field, Obama's greatest re-election asset?

This TPM piece is interesting on just how stunningly weak a field of potential presidential candidates the Party-of-No has to offer, almost two years out. But it's a bit of a sad commentary that this is probably Obama's greatest re-election asset.

I think the administration will be making a grave mistake if they fail to take a more populist tack going forward, portraying the Congressional Republicans as obstructionists who are trying to deliberately prevent the recovery of the economy and trying to undermine crucial Middle Class economic programs, particularly Social Security and Medicare. By standing firm on not cutting these programs, and for the middle class against the plutocrats on Wall Street, I think the Obama administration will have nothing to worry about for re-election and can probably pull in a House majority or at least make up much of the 2010 losses, in 2012. But if they keep capitulating and looking weak, the Republicans will again succeed in making them look like losers, and in promulgating the incredible Big Lie that it's the Democrats who caused and are perpetuating the economic downturn. And then, who knows, we could lose the whole enchilada and Obama will go down in history as one of America's weakest presidents ever. At this point, it's still his choice.


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