18 January 2011

New AL Gov: non-Christians not MY brothers and sisters

Report: New Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley says on MLK Day, non-Christians are not HIS brothers and sisters.

I truly think Madison and Jefferson would have reviled such a one as would say something like that. Truly shameful, and downright un-American.

As a Buddhist (i.e., non-Christian), I find this just stunningly offensive. I assume any one of the millions of Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and "Others," not to mention non-affiliated, and non-religious, in our country, will feel likewise.

Anyone so clueless about the inherently secular nature of our small-r republican constitutional government as to think it's OK to say something like that in a public speech, given in a public place while serving as a constitutional officer of a state of the United States, is clearly unqualified to hold that office.

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