18 January 2011

Obama's speech vs. Palin's small minded malice and/or ignorance

As it happened, I didn't get a chance to watch all of Pres. Obama's speech last week, but from what I did see and what I've read about it, it was exactly what was needed, and has done a good deal to improve his standing in the public eye. Contrast that with the truly offensive, small minded and disgusting "blood libel" speech by Palin. As Robert Edgar, Common Cause President, said on Background Briefing last week, either it was pure malice or pure ignorance, and it doesn't entirely matter which. I suspect Palin will now fade from the scene, and if I'm right, it could hardly be more richly deserved.

Now I only hope that the president takes a little heart from the newfound wind in his sails and resists the counsel of those who would have him peremptorily give in to foolish Republican plans to eviscerate Social Security and other critical social programs in the name of debt reduction, when what our country needs is rebuilding, not tearing down. I'm hoping and praying that the rumors that the President intends to announce "austerity" in the State of the Union prove untrue.

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