04 January 2011

Message to Schumer on Filibuster Reform

I sent an e-mail to Senate Rules Committee Chair Chuck Schumer, who has been given responsibility for crafting the filibuster reform package, urging him to stand firm for real reform. Filibuster reform should include all of the following:

  • reduced proportion of Senators to cut off debate, from 3/5 to preferably a simple majority; and it should be of those present, not an absolute number.
  • there should be a minimum fraction, like 40%, of senators who have to vote to object to a motion to invoke cloture, not just 1 senator. 
  • In order to continue debate, someone should have to hold the floor, for however long. Filibusters, if they are to be allowed at all, should have to be real, not just a ploy to force minority rule. 
It is probably too much to expect anything remotely like this, but the fact that the Dems are considering reform at all is progress.

Related to this, and possibly to be included in a reform bill, is the move to change the rules to prevent anonymous 'holds.' That's a no-brainer. How about no holds, period? What's so hard about transparent debate and voting on issues of importance to the people?

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