29 June 2024

Debate Postmortem

I didn't even watch the debate. I was having a bad day and just couldn't bring myself to watch it. I get it... it was a train wreck. It legitimately highlighted the fact that Biden is an 82 year old with fairly normal age-related infirmity. Such people have been kings and emperors, and presidents and prime ministers, many times throughout history and often they benefited themselves and their countries enormously from their wisdom and experience. For myself, I have no concerns at all that Biden is not perfectly qualified and capable of being president for another four years. And if something were to happen, Harris could and would step in and be a fine replacement. That is, after all, why we have a vice president. It's really the only reason we have a vice president. 

Do I worry? Of course I worry. I worry that the arrogant bullying dominance of a partially demented, abusive, stupid, utterly selfish malignant narcissist makes the thoughtful elder statesman look weak, and that millions upon millions of people who only respond to dominance and "strength" will see him as the "winner," when in fact he's the most mendacious menace ever to have a serious shot at the presidency... again. Despite having attempted an actual insurrection. 

This is a calamity. (So is the Supreme Court, but that's another issue). But what to do? Wring our hands? Accept defeat and hope somehow our country can eventually reconstitute itself? 

Hell, no. Our job of reaching out to the good in people, getting enough of them to see reason and see that electing an actual criminal to the White House... again... would be foolish to such an extreme that it well might mean the effective end of the American republic founded on democratic principles. Which would be extremely bad not just for our country but for the whole world. We simply cannot give up; cannot lessen our effort, but instead must redouble our efforts. Everyone needs to get involved. It is a fight for the survival of our way of life my friends, and the stakes could not be higher. 

Please do not give up. Please think seriously about what you can do to help make sure we do not have to undergo the ordeal of a second Trump presidency. A test our nearly 250 year old jerrybuilt republic just might fail. 

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