10 June 2024

Supreme Court reform

New revelations of additional large value "gifts" that the worst Supreme Court justice in living memory, Clarence Thomas, "forgot" to report. Gifts which any reasonable person would have to acknowledge have the "appearance of conflict of interest." (For the simple reason that they would probably be simply called "bribery" back in the time of the drafting of the Constitution). I'm biased, I suppose, but I ask the question: we control the Senate. Why are there not hearings to investigate this? Now!? And once we win back the House, as a citizen I will be demanding that the People's House must impeach this obvious miscreant tout de suite. Next up: Alito, for similar but not identical reasons. 

On a related subject, as I see it, the only way for trust in the Court to be restored is to adopt the idea that there should be one Supreme Court justice for each of the appellate circuits. There are now 13 of them... up from... you guessed it... nine, in the last generation. Time to increase  the size of the Court (legislation, only, no amendment to the Constitution required). To 13. And the recently re-elected president should get the 4 appointments (six if the Senate convicts Alito and Thomas, but, well, that's probably a long shot, even if we do manage to hold the Senate). Time to take the gloves off. 

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