14 June 2024

Joe Biden.... of course.

I feel a certain amount of alienation, as an older forever-Democrat. I was for Bernie in 2016 (voted for Clinton in November), Warren in the primaries in 2020 (voted for Biden, naturally). I'm a solidly Progressive-wing Democrat. Like Bernie, I'm deeply troubled by US toleration of what I regard as war-crime level asymmetry in the Israeli response to Hammas terrorism. (But note: no one is doing more to help Biden get re-elected than Bernie). So you would think I would be in sync with the many younger voters who say they are lukewarm about voting, because they "don't like either candidate." 

Huhhh? Whaaat? My reaction is just the opposite. Biden, to me, is making serious errors on Israel policy, but domestically, and otherwise with regard to foreign policy (like Ukraine), he's done better than I hoped or expected. I like Biden better in 2024 than I did in 2020. 

But, regardless, you simply have to look at the alternative. The election of Donald Trump (again) would be an utter catastrophe for our country and the whole world. I had a bumper sticker made that just says "Joe Biden... of course." And for me, that says it all. 

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