21 June 2024

National Justice Law Podcast and Strange New Worlds

I listen to the really excellent National Security Law Podcast (when they deign to drop an episode now and then), put on by bigwig law professors Bobby (yes, Bobby, not Robert) Chesney and Steve Vladeck, originally from Texas, and not much over half my age. After 5 min. of blather, they finally get to the subject, in which, as I said, they excel. But when, at the end, as they invariably do, they start talking about getting their kids into elite schools, Star Wars and Star Trek spinoff shows, and (UGH!) sports, I usually tune out. Although their recommendation of Star Trek Strange New Worlds just might get me to subscribe to Paramount+ for a couple months. 

Both these esteemed gentlemen have become minor MSNBC-type celebrities, because they really know their stuff. The overgrown teenage boy personas notwithstanding. 

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