10 June 2024

Time for a Course Correction?

I think it's time for provisions similar to the way the Federal Communications Act USED TO work (when we had "equal time"), to be restored and made applicable to cable news, social media, and even the dark web. I will never understand why we can't have "rules of the road," like we used to for the public airwaves, for the internet. Sure, we let it get out of control. So what do rational people do? Throw up their hands and just surrender to perdition? Or do we TAKE BACK CONTROL, prevent constant disinformation, and make the carriers responsible for content? The fact that authoritarian regimes like China have this power and use it to suppress free expression doesn't mean we have to do what they do. But it does prove that it's perfectly possible to control access to the internet by bad actors, protect free speech but not allow nefarious forces to illicitly control what people see and hear on the net.

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