14 June 2024

Thomas must be impeached ... and/or PROSECUTED

Why are we beating around the bush? Of course we don't have the votes (yet), but, look, folks. Clarence Thomas has effectively admitted to accepting bribes. Equivocation be damned. It's corruption with a capital K. He must be impeached, convicted, and removed from office. No matter how long or how many attempts it takes. The only alternative is a 'forced resignation,' but given the pugnacious arrogance of these right wingers, who believe in nothing but themselves and their mean spirited and selfish ideology, that's not gonna happen. 

There have even been quite serious suggestions by people who know the law that he should be referred for criminal prosecution. Now. Because his "forgetting" to report more than a million dollars worth of "gifts" (bribes) is not an oversight. It's not just grounds for impeachment. It's a crime, and a very serious one that should land him in prison for the rest of his miserable, disreputable existence. 

 Alito... well, we'll see. His case is egregious but not quite as clear cut. 

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