21 June 2024

Netanyahu's regime deserves NO American support

I make no secret of my disdain and outright opposition to the right wing government of Israel, and its deliberate slow walking of opportunities for an end to the Gaza war, as well as its overt favoring of the Trump faction in our country. So when I read the headline in WaPo that says Netanyahu blasts US for slow weapons deliveries, my immediate response is How about NO damn weapons deliveries, Bibi? Israel is not facing an existential threat as a result of this war. A defensive response to October 7 was obviously justified, but this regime has gone way beyond that and made clear its unwillingness to work for a two-state solution. So, as an American, I believe the correct course is to cut them off, both financially and militarily, until such time as they are willing to work for and not against a peace process. Maybe Netanyahu can get help from Kim Jong Un. 

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