11 June 2024

Fight of our national life

It seems all the big Democratic cheerleaders, Simon Rosenberg, James Carville, Lawrence O'Donnell, etc., are all advocating "taking the gloves off." Focus groups and polling all seem to indicate that the key to this election is to stop Trump, not to positively decide on Biden. I won't even attempt to convince any doubters that, overall, and with major exceptions, Biden has actually been a good president (especially domestically), who has accomplished more for the progressive agenda than any Democrat since Lyndon Johnson, who had the same foreign/domestic schizoid problems. Other Democrats, including even Obama, made the mistake of trying to be "moderate" but also failing to appeal directly to the patriotism of Americans. 

But now, the Republicans have morphed into a literal Fascist cult. If you don't believe it, I commend Rachel Maddow's work (most recently Ultra podcast) that highlights how this has happened before too, but just outside of living memory for the most part. And the circumstances were different. We have Great Power politics again, almost like WWI, but we don't have the unifying existential threat of a Nazi Germany threatening Fascistic domination of the whole world. Quite. 

Yet the MAGA cult is indeed evil. It is completely inimical to the principles of the American republic. I'm not saying Trump supporters are evil, but they are caught up in a cult of personality of a man who has no moral compunction, no restraint, no empathy, no concern for the future or even the country; just himself. And that, in a would be leader, is the very face of evil. 

So, gloves off. Fight them in every legal way. Cede nothing. Focus on what it takes to win, but cede no territory, no victory. Pray it doesn't come to violence, but if it does, their insurrection must be defeated, by force if necessary. 

Our republic is under threat from within as others have tried, in the 1920s, 30s, and 40s, but this is worse, far worse. We could, we really could, lose our republic. So every single right thinking American must get involved to make sure that does not happen. 

For me, this is straining some friendships and relationships. But that's just too bad. This is a fight for our national life, and no one can stand in the way of victory and get a pass. 


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