23 March 2010

David Brooks's column

David Brooks just annoys me to no end. First, he gives a précis of glittering generalities about the social progressivism of Democrats over the years. Then he says the health care bill will stifle the American prospect because of fiscal irresponsibility. Ignore for a moment the economic realities which belie his assumption that health care reform will not actually help to reduce the growth of health care costs as a proportion of the overall economy (which has been the actual experience, as T. R. Reid documents, of every single country which has adopted universal health care). How someone who supported a trillion dollar unpaid-for war which has been wholly destructive of American interests, and a multi-trillion dollar not-offset series of tax cuts, can complain about fiscal irresponsibility is beyond me. Oh, yeah. He's a Republican. Highfalutin' or not, they're all hypocrites, and he's no exception. 

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