22 March 2010

Newsmax Propaganda Poll

I sent this to the right wing piece of crap Newsmax in response to their propaganda poll on the passage of health care. 

Do you people really think your ridiculous health care poll isn't an obvious marketing gimmick for your right wing cyberrag? First, you deliberately choose a menacing looking portrait of Obama. Then, every question is farcially propagandistic, taking a page straight from Goebbels' propaganda manual. You even (no doubt deliberately, or at minimum illiterately) misspell "democrats'" as "democrat's". To top it off, in order to submit this nonsense, one has to agree to receive marketing e-mails from you. This is not only not scientific in any way, it's blatant propaganda. You folks should be ashamed of yourselves, but, unfortunately, I'm quite sure you aren't.

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