11 March 2010

Ryan Roadmap: Nihilistic Civilization Destroyer

It seems very telling to me, that legitimate experts find that the mean-spirited and nihilistic "roadmap" submitted by Right Wing Republican Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI), supposedly to reduce deficits going forward, actually not only does not do this, it actually increases deficits, increases taxes the middle class, and destroys the social safety net which this country decided in the midst of the Great Depression 70 years ago, was the bare minimum we must do as a civilized society to care for our citizens in need. 

Look in vain, however, for mention of these facts in the mainstream media.

Why does no one ask the obvious question: why should we be cutting taxes for the wealthy still further? They already pay far less as a percentage of income than they did fifty years ago, when our country was so prosperous (Glenn Beck's golden age), and have already reaped the benefit of multiple broad cuts in taxes. I can see no rationale other than sheer greed and lack of concern for the future of our country to slash taxes on the rich still further. Why, then, are Democrats so fearful of lodging the obvious accusation against these people: that they are unpatriotic? Because, as I see it, that is exactly what they are.

Taxes are the price of civilization, and unwillingness to bear the fair burden of supporting your country's continued stable existence is just as unpatriotic as refusing to defend her against foreign enemies. 

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