16 March 2010

Yet another exhortative e-mail to the White House

I was impressed by the President's passion speaking in Ohio yesterday, only wondering why he couldn't have done that 6 or even 9 months ago. But having said that, I am seriously disappointed that the White House is yet again failing to stand up for the best reform possible. Even now, there's every reason to believe that with real effort, the Senate could muster 50 votes for a reconciliation bill that would include a decently robust public option, but YET AGAIN the White House has dragged its feet.

This is truly disappointing. Mr. President, Democrats are unenthusiastic because they feel that you have tended to concede too much too soon, when there is no such thing as bipartisan support for anything anymore. We must fight, and convince the American people that it is the Party of No Deal that is blocking progress, and that it is Democrats who stand for jobs, reigning in financial abuses, etc. You don't need to be told that the public overwhelmingly supports a public option... much of the reason the crappy bill now before Congress has such weak support is because it is so poor on cost containment and choice for non-employer market folks that it appears hardly worth passing to many. So why can't you at least TRY to get a bill with public option passed? Many in your party look at this scenario and shake their heads, concluding you never really supported it in the first place. And the evidence isn't too clear that you ever did, sadly.

Next comes financial reform, assuming some miserable excuse for a health care reform bill passes. The Dodd bill sucks. That's plain. The president just MUST fight for a much more robust bill. The Tea Partiers have hijacked the anger of much of the public by appearing to be more opposed to Wall Street's excesses than Democrats in Congress and the White House. The only way to change that impression is to DEMAND real reform, and fight like hell for it. Let's see some righteous anger. Let's see town halls, fireside chats (buy half hours on TV... the base will contribute for that if they feel the President is on our side). Convey to the people that the President is on their side and will whip congress into shape to get it done!

Thank you. 

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