24 March 2010

Petition to AGs not to sue to block health care

Chris Kelly, candidate for Calif. AG, asked his e-mail audience to sign this petition, calling on the rightist AGs nationwide who've filed frivolous suits to grandstand on health care (since it's generally recognized that even with the right wing judiciary in some areas and in the Supreme Court, these suits are very unlikely to go anywhere). I added the following comment when I signed the petition:

This litigation is frivolous, as the AGs well know. Only radical interventionist judges (of which, to be sure, there are several on the Supreme Court) would even consider upsetting foundational stare decisis to give these cases more than cursory examination. Moreover, as I say to all my conservative friends, if you really believe that our country cannot afford to provide public health care which is a shadow of that provided by South Korea and Taiwan to their people, then your hero George W. Bush's unpaid-for trillion dollar war and non-offset multi-trillion dollar tax cuts for the rich apparently did even more damage to our economy, and created a debt crisis of even more monumental proportions, than I imagined. Better to spend our energies fixing those problems than trying to deny decent health care to the poor and middle class. For shame.

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