22 March 2010

Health Care Reform will be bad for Party of No Deal

The Health Care Bill... assuming reconciliation passes the Senate, is a solid start to eventual real Health Care Reform. 

The Party of No Deal's assumption that it will play politically for them, especially beyond the immediate midterm election, is, in my view almost certainly overly optimistic on their part, and not something we Progressive Democrats need fret overly much about. I offer David Frum's piece here, about how passage of HCR is the GOP's waterloo, not Obama's, as an indicator, and the following, Glenn Greenwald commenting on a CNN poll, as actual evidence: 
 A new CNN poll today finds that Americans oppose the current health care plan by a margin of 59-39%, but a sizable portion of those opposed -- 13% -- oppose it because "it is not liberal enough" (see questions 20 and 21):

Thus, a majority of Americans either support the plan or believe it should be more liberal (52%), while only a minority (43%) oppose the plan on the ground that it is too liberal.
To my mind, this indicates that the proportion of the public that wants "change"... meaning at least modestly progressive reform, is about 39+13 = 52%, just about the same proportion as elected President Obama. So, Republicans, don't be so damn sure this will inure to your benefit, especially in the long term. I think it will not. 

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