01 March 2010

Hall of Shame in the Democratic Caucus in the Senate

I've made clear my view that when people who call themselves Democrats prove that they don't even come close to representing what the majority of Democrats believe in, they should be challenged in primaries, and replaced if possible by real Democrats. There's nothing to lose, because these people are not really Democrats anyway, and they stand in the way of the kinds of reform and change that people voted for President Obama to see happen.

Here's a list of Senators whom I think Democrats should work to defeat in their next primaries:

Max Baucus
Ben Nelson
Mary Landrieu
Blanche Lincoln
Dianne Feinstein
Kent Conrad 
and, of course, Joe ('Say No!') Lieberman, who isn't a Democrat anyway

A week ago, I would've included Evan Bayh, but he fortunately decided to quit politics. Good idea, I wish all of these people would follow his lead. Ditto Byron Dorgan, although he has a bit more integrity. Unfortunately, we now are given to understand that Ellsworth, who is the Dem. running to replace Bayh, is worse.

Sen. Feinstein is pretty good on social issues, but she's horrible on civil liberties and 'national security' issues, and has repeatedly demonstrated that she cares nothing for the views of the majority of her constituents. She should retire, and let someone take over who is more in tune with what Democrats in California by and large support.

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