01 March 2010

My letter to the White House today: put PUBLIC OPTION in the Reconciliation Bill (for crying out loud!)

With the announcements today bringing the total number of the Democratic Senate caucus pledging support for a meaningful Public Option in a reconciliation bill to 30, it is time for the White House to demonstrate some real leadership and push for this in order to bring along the remaining 20 Senators needed to pass it.

It just amazes me that Democrats think the public will be pleased, and vote for them, when they compromise away real reform before votes have even been taken. The reason the public has "soured" on health care reform is not because they don't want real health reform, it's because the Democratic party has botched this process, and passed a bill in the Senate with all kinds of unsavory "deals" and precious little to actually control costs (like the Public Option will!). By putting this essential reform into the final bill, and corralling enough Senators to vote for it, both the President and Congress will be seen to have finally exercised some real leadership ON BEHALF OF THE PEOPLE, and not special interests. THIS is what garners support in mid-term elections. The endless deal-making and compromising before there are even negotiations is what makes people who voted for the President in 2008 vote, however irrationally, for the other party, out of sheer frustration.

Thank you.
David Studhalter

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