18 March 2010

Ryan says GOP will repeal health care: Bring it On!

The mentally challenged Ayn Randite Paul Ryan, author of the Republican Roadmap budget (that would increase the deficit, transfer even more wealth to the superrich, increase middle class taxes, and destroy the most popular social programs in U.S. History), has a new line: the GOP, if it takes back control of Congress, will repeal the Health Care Bill. 

Let's parse this a bit. First, it effectively concedes HCR will pass. Second, it ignores the fact that the President would obviously veto such a repeal. So what does this mean? They think they can win elections by arguing that HCR was a bad idea, after it becomes law?

I hope so. We can use this same idiot's budget plan to paint Repubs as shills for the very rich, who want to screw ordinary people out of every benefit they now have, including the most recently passed (more or less) universal health care. If they think this is a winning strategy, I say, they're nuts, and let's have it, because it will not work for them.

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