18 April 2011

Cantor gleeful about S&P downgrading US debt obligation outlook

Eric Cantor was veritably chortling with glee today over the fact that S&P downgraded the outlook for US debt obligations to a negative rating, in anticipation of the possibility that the GOP Hostage Takers might actually succeed in forcing a default on the national debt. The last time so negative a debt outlook rating was issued was during the 1996 debt crisis, the last time the GOP staged a hostage crisis over the debt ceiling.

Which, to my mind, is proof positive that these so-called leaders in the Rightist party, who have made no secret of their intention to stage yet another hostage crisis over the debt ceiling, are not merely profoundly irresponsible, they are downright unpatriotic. Does it not concern them at all that 1) they are 100% the cause of this; and 2) it is harming the interests of the United States as a whole and individual investors in the millions?

The president and Congressional Democrats should seize every opportunity to say just that.

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