17 April 2011

No cuts to social security, dammit... e-mail to White House

Reports that the so-called Gang of Six "bipartisan" group on deficit reduction will recommend ripping off ordinary people who've paid regressive payroll taxes for decades to pay for the promise of Social Security are alarming indeed:

the President must make clear that Social Security benefit cuts or further increases in the Retirement Age are simply out of the question. The ONLY acceptable reform for Social Security is to raise or eliminate the cap on income subject to payroll taxes.

People have PAID for Social Security; it's off budget and it's FLAT OUT immoral to ask people to accept DEFAULT on that debt to them to fix a debt they didn't create.

The national debt was almost entirely created by lowering taxes on the rich under Reagan and both Bushes, and Republican spending on unpaid for wars, unpaid for military buildup, even the unpaid for Pharma giveaway Medicare prescription drug program under Bush II. The president needs to make the point that it was largely the other party that created this big debt, and they did it by allowing the very rich and corporations to go without paying their fair share of the "price of civilization" ... taxes. He should point out that if we were to return to the tax rates of the 1960s we would be able to afford all investments and benefits on the books and proposed, and still pay down the debt.

America is not broke, it's just that too much of the money has gone to its richest citizens and too many corporations have been allowed to offshore assets and otherwise avoid taxes.

The people are waking up to this: we're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore!

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