05 April 2011

My e-mail to the White House about the re-election start

I wrote this to the White House today. I've given up being diplomatic. President Obama's political advisers are about as politically tone-deaf a bunch of politicoes as we've ever had to deal with on our own side. 

I was more than a little disappointed with the rather anemic ads put out on the first day of the President's re-election campaign. On that very same day, the Administration, I think wrongly, retrenched its position on trying Al Qaida criminals in court, but even more importantly, the REPUBLICANS HANDED THE PRESIDENT A KILLER CAMPAIGN ISSUE: they announced their plan to eliminate Medicare and Medicaid. If Democrats, and the President in particular, can't make a campaign issue out of the "Mean spirited Republican plan to take away Medicare and health care for the poorest Americans," then we don't DESERVE to be re-elected.

PLEASE watch last night's episode of Rachel Maddow, in particular her conversation with Chris Hayes. The Administration is being tone-deaf to a huge shift in public sentiment, which, if correctly responded to, could easily turn into a great wave of Democratic resurgence. But the president needs to be RESPONSIVE to his base, and come out as a fighter, taking on the anti-union, anti-working people, anti-middle class policies being promoted by the Republicans, rather than always trying to meet them halfway without a fight.

WAKE UP, people... you are going about this ALL WRONG.

Thank you.

David Studhalter

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