13 April 2011

President's 2 Firm Commitments

I will give Pres. Obama credit for 2 firm commitments he made in today's speech. 1) That he will not allow Medicare to become a voucher program while he's president; and 2) He will not go along with another extension of the Bush Tax Cuts for the rich.

While these are clearly not nearly enough, they are something.

I stand by my assertions that we in the DWDP (Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party) need to keep the pressure on the President to remember who his base is, not take us for granted, and not be so anxious to reach a compromise that he sells the store before even getting to the table (as he has done in the past too often). We need some bold leadership from this president, even if it means calling the Republicans' bluff, and allowing some negative consequences to come down as a result, because in the long run, we have to show them that we will not roll for them every time, and in fact, we're coming charging back and will be rolling THEM soon.

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