05 April 2011

More on Incredibly Mean Spirited Republican Plan to Kill Medicare and Medicaid

At the risk of harping on this issue, after reading again about how Paul Ryan's incredibly mean spirited plan to eliminate Medicare and replace it with a scaled-down, bureaucratized, and privatized insurance plan which will inevitably be less efficient, deliver much less health care, at a much higher cost for what health care is delivered, (resulting in savings only by drastically cutting services); and equally mean spirited plan to eliminate Medicaid and replace it with grossly inadequate block grants to states....

I can only say again that if Democrats can't or won't take this on, this gold-plated campaign issue that's just been handed to them, and draw a line in the sand, saying this WILL NOT HAPPEN, then they are not really Democrats at all, and we will have to find some other way to fight these economic oligarchs.

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