20 April 2011

To the White House: court Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero

Virg Bernero, Mayor of Lansing and defeated Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate in Michigan, appeared on Rachel Maddow last night. It's a sad case of bad timing that the Tea Party agenda was still in the ascendant last November, because this guy is terrifically articulate and has the moxie and populist appeal that is absolutely the right note for Democrats... including the President... right now.

The Tea Pty is WANING, and there is a terrific opportunity right now to win over Independents not by traingulating and moving towards the extreme Right Wing positions of the Republicans, but by defining a clear alternative, promising not just keeping most of the social contract but moving ahead dramatically with scaling back military spending, preserving Soc Sec Medicare + Medicaid, improving and cutting costs in HCR and these existing programs (including going back and adding a public option), raising the cap on income for payroll taxes, and increasing taxes on the wealthiest, while closing tax loopholes and havens for large corps, agribusiness, + oil. Mr. Bernero would make a great addition to the re-election effort and should be contacted and offered a national role.

Thank you.

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  1. General Electric paid zero taxes this year. What more could they want to do business in America.?


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