05 April 2011

Writing Senators and Congressional Rep. re: Republican Plan to KILL Medicare and Medicaid

I am going through every Democratic Senator, plus my own member of the House, sending them this e-letter:

PLEASE tell your caucus, and House Leaders, that their Democratic constituents across the land are ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIED by the Ryan Republican plan to kill Medicare and Medicaid.

These essential programs must be protected and preserved. The Republican plan to drastically scale back services and privatize Medicare, making it LESS efficient, incapable of truly delivering acceptable levels of medical care for the elderly, and, more than likely, actually costing MORE for the services that are delivered, is JUST PLAIN UNACCEPTABLE. A line must be drawn in the sand and Democrats must clearly say THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN. We must fight this battle with everything we have.

The same applies to the mean-spirited Republican plan to kill Medicaid and replace it with wing-and-prayer block grants to states. There is no way an acceptable level of medical care for the poorest Americans can be preserved under such a scheme. This, too, MUST NOT HAPPEN, and Democrats must stand and fight.

Since throngs of protesters began demonstrating in Madison against mean-spirited Republican attempts to kill public employee collective bargaining, there has been a big change in the mood of the electorate. Ordinary people are tired of watching their taxes go to receipt of less and less services, while the very rich pay much less in taxes than in previous generations, and huge amounts of money are squandered overseas on questionable and incredibly expensive military ventures.

The people will simply not stand for the destruction of the vital programs Medicare and Medicaid, or Social Security for that matter. Democrats simply MUST organize and resist these vicious attempts to destroy the social fabric of our nation. THIS IS WHAT WE, the People, HAVE CHARGED YOU TO DO.

Thank you.

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