15 April 2011

To the President: Stand up for Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, these are winning issues for Democrats

I sent the following to the White House Comment page today:

Two major polls now show that ~76% of the responding public is strongly opposed to the Republican plan to effectively KILL Medicare. The President should tout these polls, and whip up support for the Democratic promise to keep intact Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. The president's plan to cut costs, not benefits, if presented well, will be very positively received by the public.

The president should announce a plan to increase the cap on income subject to Social Security... even a partial rise (i.e, not just removing it altogether)...in this income cap would make SS solvent permanently, according to various sources. This, too, would be very popular if sold correctly:

THEY want to privatize and slash MEDICARE, MEDICAID and Social Security. WE will not let that happen: We will control costs for Medicare and Medicaid while retaining the essential benefits to seniors and the poor, and we will strengthen Social Security, by requiring those who can most afford it to pay a little more towards the program, so that Social Security will be there for all working people when the time comes. Which future do you want for you and your family? VOTE DEMOCRATIC. RE-ELECT PRESIDENT OBAMA 2012. 

Like that. 

Thank you.

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