22 April 2011

Writing to my congressman in support of The People's Budget

Dear Congressman Berman,

I am writing to urge your strong support for the Congressional Progressive Caucus's PEOPLE's BUDGET. While the truly terrible plan put forward by the Republicans would increase the deficit over ten years, and not bring the budget into balance until 2030 (even if its preposterous projections were taken seriously), while KILLING Medicare and Medicaid and granting extravagant additional tax cuts for the richest Americans and big corporations, and doing nothing about giveaways to agribusiness, big Oil, and other Corporate Welfare, the People's Budget is the ONLY truly fiscally responsible budget proposal out there.

It would decrease the deficit by 5.7 billion by 2021, and would bring down the debt to about 64% of GDP by the same time. To do this, it would create a public option and allow the government to really control medical costs. It would strengthen and guarantee Social Security by raising the cap on income subject to payroll taxes, and would strengthen and preserve Medicare and Medicaid, as well as investment in infrastructure, education, and other vital programs. It would reduce outsize military expenditures (which have doubled since 2001), and end the unpopular and unnecessary wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It would raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans and big Corporations, while including programs to encourage job growth in America. It would end unfair corporate subsidies, tax havens, tax loopholes, and other gimmicks which allow big corporations like GE to pay no taxes on billions in profit.

Please stand with your constituents in their desire to see a restoration of fairness in fiscal matters, and a policy that wants to live within our means, but not by creating a mean-spirited and plutocratic society in the process.

Thank you.

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