22 September 2022

11 Cir.: Govt. keeps classified stuff, and does not have to have it reviewed by Trump's lawyers or special master

If you're a newswonk like me, you're sick and tired of hearing about the Failed Former F*head and everything about his legal troubles, but can't quite stay away either. Anyway, here is a point about the 11th cir. repudiation of Trump sycophant "Judge" Aileeen Cannon that didn't get a lot of notice. The Spec. Master, Judge Dearie, already told the parties he didn't really see any need to actually see the classified stuff the FBI seized, but the 11th cir. made this moot, as Joyce Vance noted in her daily newsletter:  "The 11th Circuit also excused the government from any obligation to submit classified materials to the special master for review."

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