16 September 2022

Why is John Yoo being treated with respect?

Lately I've seen Bush era OLC lawyer John Yoo being respectfully consulted as a paid pundit on CNN and writing op-eds in the Washington Post. This creep, who is a tenured professor at UC Berkeley Law School, lest we forget, is the author of the notorious and disgraceful memo purporting to justify torture. He should've been disgraced, dismissed, and disbarred years ago and certainly should not be being given any credence or respect today. Some things you just can't walk away from or ignore, and to the best of my knowledge he has never retracted or repudiated his grotesque, law-distorting, and immoral stance while working for the second-worst president in our history. If the law does not uphold the most fundamental principles of humanity, it loses all moral suasion, which is so dangerous that people like Yoo who convolute their forensic and language skills to seem to justify the most immoral kind of abuse of power conceivable, should forfeit their careers and all respect, at a bare minimum. 

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