10 September 2022

Rebates for purchase of new induction range pursuant to IRA

I saw with interest where the IRA will provide money for state-managed rebates for the sale of induction ranges to reduce energy use (the idea is more to switch from gas than from other electric, but anyway). These ranges with convection or conventional oven tend to run over $1000 and you have to use magnetic cookware (iron or steel, or at least with magnetic bottom if layered with aluminum or ceramic)-- which could mean having to replace a lot of your pots and pans.  The rebate is limited to 100% of the price if your household income is less than 80% of the median hhi in your zip code, or 50% if it's less than 150% of hhi. The median hhi in my zip code is about $76,000. That puts the cutoff income at about $114,000 (household, not individual). Lots of folks are going to not qualify at that level, but quite a few will too. 

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