22 September 2022

Oppose Manchin's Dirty Fossil Fuel Deal

I almost think it shouldn't be necessary to say this, but I strongly oppose Joe Manchin's dirty deal on fossil fuels. And why should we make any concessions to this a*hole? We remember how he screwed us repeatedly, and his grudging support, in the bitterest, almost-too-late end, for about a quarter of what Build Back Better should've been, doesn't qualify as a quid pro quo that I would ever support. What is necessary for the future of our country right now more than anything actually feasible this year, are 1) elect at least two additional "normal" Democratic senators and lose no seats in the Midterm; and 2) retain the House in Democratic hands. If we have those, till 2024 at least, we can tell Manchin where to stuff his corporatist fossil fuel lobby BS. For now, I say, kill the damn bill. 

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