07 September 2022

Goodbye Dropbox

I've been using Dropbox for a quite a few years and began paying them for 2TB of data a while back, but they suddenly became impossible to log in to. The data is still there, for now, but I can't log in and come to find out they have no chat, no e mail for customer service, no phone number, and basically no customer service at all. So I'm going to migrate all my data away from their service and stop using them. Sad, really, because I like the way they integrate with Windows better than Amazon cloud or Google. But this is just not acceptable.  

Update: I actually did solve the problem and reestablish control over my account, and I was informed by a friend that there actually is Dropbox support, although when I both texted and e mailed them I received no initial response, and ended up dealing with the issue myself with no help from them. 

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