30 September 2022

Republicans Poised to Wreck our Country on purpose if they get any Legislative Power

Heather Cox Richardson today (https://heathercoxrichardson.substack.com/p/september-29-2022?utm_source=email) makes a very solid case that the Republicans, if they win EITHER house, as it still seems fairly likely they will, intend to actually play the "debt ceiling card" and refuse to allow the already funded government programs to proceed. This has been threatened many times before, and the closest we came to calamity was probably in 2011. This kind of brinksmanship, and worse, actual 'nuclear war' if they were to follow through on it, is incredibly reckless. Virtually all economists and business analysts think the US defaulting on its debt would precipitate a giant Wall Street collapse, instant recession, hundreds of thousands of jobs lost and economic growth sidelined, and have very negative repercussions for the US financially indefinitely... essentially permanently. It would throw into question, even challenge, the US dollar's position as the world reserve currency... one of our greatest economic assets as a nation. So, any politician who cares about the welfare of our nation would never do such a damaging thing, right? 

Don't count on it. They don't care about the country, only their own deranged lust for power. And the MAGA nutjobs now run the party of Lincoln, which I am 100% sure he would've long since abandoned had he lived in our time. 

This is a hard message to make into a sound bite or a 20 sec. TV spot. But we have to somehow convey to people who will be REALLY HURT if this happens that the only safe way to make sure it doesn't is to keep the House and Senate in Democratic hands! 

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