13 September 2022

I don't 'get' Republican support for nationwide abortion ban

Maybe my usually pretty good political instincts are off kilter, but it's hard for me to understand what Republicans in the Senate, and Miss Graham in particular, are thinking in introducing a nationwide abortion ban bill. Such "big government intrusion" obviously goes against their supposed philosophy, but that's not what makes me wonder what they're thinking. The fact is that even most of their own base doesn't want this, and in fact opposition to it is strong and growing among the Independents sector that they absolutely depend on to win elections. Even at the state level. So I just don't get it, even looked at from their point of view. You have to know these unprincipled charlatans (to a man, and woman, that's what the GOP is)... don't really care about abortion much on principle. Somehow they think this is going to help them hold on to and expand their power, and I just don't see how they reach that conclusion. But hey... if they want to shoot themselves in the foot, great. 

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