01 September 2022

Trump and the Mar a Lago Crimes

Talkingpointsmemo has a headline: "Florida Man Declares National Secrets Belong to Him." Sort of changes the perspective. I recently opined that the Jan. 6 insurrection crimes, which I believe are creditably incitement to insurrection and seditious conspiracy, are worse. There was a tendency on hearing about the Palm Beach Golf Club search warrant to minimize it, assume they were just mementos, etc., and cite the oft stated view that far too much rather innocuous material is "classified." Also to rather rue the fact that the whole incident was a distraction from President Biden's signal achievement this year, the passage of the Climate Reduction... er, Inflation Reduction... Act. BUT. Big but. Turns out there were truly sensitive materials there. LOTS of them. And no conceivable rational reason for the Failed Ex President to have them. The kind of thing that could help adversary regimes and even get American and allied intelligence agents killed. I'm not always, or even usually, on board with American foreign policy, but I don't want our people jeopardized and, as I find I sometimes have to say, "yes, sure, but I'll take the CIA over the FSB in a hot minute!" There is some tendency to deal only with Trump's MOST RECENT crimes. There have been so many. But this one has all the key elements:  it's serious. Anyone other than Trump would have already been indicted based on the evidence. There is no colorable executive immunity and no conceivable attorney-client privilege for the classified documents. The documentary evidence is overwhelming. And it does relate to why Trump is a threat to our democracy and must be held accountable to avoid unacceptable risk and a terrible precedent of a powerful would-be dictator basically getting away with an only barely failed coup. So, hell yes I want to see him prosecuted, convicted and thrown in prison. 

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