29 September 2022

A subtle slur

Pretty sure it's a tell. I was interviewed for a phone survey.  The interviewer pretty conspicuously had a Southeast Asian accent, but that's not at all the point. The point is that her script referred to "Democrat" and "Republican" candidates (used as adjectives). Any legitimate organization, or a Democratic party poll, would use the correct form, "Democratic." It's the "Democratic Party," not the "Democrat Party," and it's deliberately degrading not to call it by its correct name. I concluded this was a right wing organization poll (such as Republican Party poll). I said to her, as nicely as I could, "when you use the word "Democrat" as an adjective, as in "Democrat Party," or "Democrat Candidate," it's a subtle slur. You might want to be aware of that. People who recognize that are likely to be offended by it." Right wingers do this all the time, and those of us who are politically attuned are keenly aware of it.  She said what the script tells her to say when the interviewer says anything other than the information she's supposed to record, "thank you for that information." But who knows, maybe she'll think about it a little, and I hope she realizes, as an employee, her employers most definitely do not have her interests at heart. 

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