01 September 2022

Perspective on the "money photo" from the golf club

It's kind of an interesting observation of the difference in mindset between the authoritarian MAGA mind and the more pluralistic minds of even some Republicans. On seeing the "money photo" of highly sensitive document "jackets" arrayed on the tacky carpet in Trump's office from the DOJ filing refuting Trump lies in court, his own lawyer, Trump himself, and several right wing opinionators responded not to the glaring and horrifying fact that the Failed Ex President had highly sensitive materials in an unsecured office in his golf club digs, but that he didn't keep stuff lying around on the floor like that... he had visitors in there and that stuff was always kept put away! Talk about missing the point. In saying this stuff on his bankrupt twitter clone, Trump actually made an admission that he did indeed have highly sensitive classified documents in his unsecured office, and knew it; and his lawyer said she had personal knowledge that he let guests in there who weren't vetted. Just digging the hole deeper and deeper. The irrefutable evidence is such that literally anyone else would be trying desperately for a plea bargain that would keep him from a LONG prison term. 

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