10 November 2022

Chagrin in Oregon's 5th District

I am chagrined about the election in the congressional district I live in. The control of the House is very close, although it's now accepted that the Rs have it nationally. But it's very unsettling that my district is one of the flips, apparently. They haven't called it yet, and it's theoretically possible for the Democrat, Jamie McLeod Skinner, to win, but at this point it has to be considered unlikely. The SE sector of the district, which is Bend, and the northern 1/3 of it (Oregon City, Clackamas (where I live), part of Milwaukie, Gladstone, some of "the road to Damascus," an unincorporated but largely residential area east of here) are Democratic, but the rest, in the middle, is all R and some of it is real "Trump country." There is more than a point separating the two candidates and the Repub. Chavez DeRemer is ahead. So, in all likelihood, she will win, and the supporters of defeated former Blue Dog Congressman Kurt Schrader will all say we should've voted for him, he would've won. And, much as I hate to admit it, it's possible they're right.  I just hate this winner take all / calculate the margins pseudo-democracy we have in this country. We know there is a better way, because quite a few countries already have it (proportional representation, automatic runoff, etc.) 

This means, by the way, that Oregon's representation will  have gone from 4 Ds and 1 R to 4 Ds and 2 Rs, which is not an improvement, obviously. (Oregon picked up another House seat in the 2020 census, at California's expense). 

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