18 November 2022

Free fonts for fun and fantasy

Most people are barely aware of, and care little about, fonts (more properly referred to as typefaces), but to some of us, they are graphic art and make reading either more pleasant or sometimes very much more unpleasant, depending. And this includes screen fonts. Few, for example, change the font on their phone (not sure it's even possible on an iPhone), but I did. I hate simple sans serif fonts like Arial and Helvetica and wish they were never invented. But, anyway. My reason for posting, which unfortunately does not lend itself to demonstration because the font I am using will almost certainly not appear in what you are reading, is to tout an unexpectedly pleasant font. It's free, just google it and install it on your PC (don't know about Mac). Doesn't work on phones. What's odd about it is that it wasn't designed. It's an average. It takes all the well known serif fonts and averages them to produce a sort of consensus font. But I actually like it. It's calle Averia Serif. There is also a more gothic font which is also a nice alternative to sans serif fonts, called Averia Gruesa Libre. If you like fonts, try them. 

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