17 November 2022

Jeffries considered almost certain to take on Leadership role for Democrats in the House

With Nancy Pelosi's announcement she will not seek re-election for the leadership post, it's widely anticipated that Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) will be more or less "acclaimed" as Democratic House Leader, which means he will likely be Speaker eventually. I can't pretend to intimate knowledge of the ins and outs of party leadership, his skills at negotiating with members, etc., but I've heard him commenting on various issues over the last several years and I respect and admire his intellect, grasp of issues and political realities, and concern for core Democratic principles. In short, as a Democrat, I'm happy to see him step into the leadership role. It's time to pass the torch, and while Pelosi has certainly shown great skill and ability, it seems like it's definitely time for this change. And this is someone who can, I hope and believe, appeal to the more centrist and the more Progressive Democrats alike, and help prepare for the time when we once again have the ability to promote and pass major legislation. Because to my thinking, it is a given that the Republicans will almost certainly fail, since they have no real policy agenda at all. And, as Lincoln famously (supposedly) said, you can't fool all the people all the time. 

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